Today is the day of Chapel Allerton Open Gardens 2019 and this year we are taking part! Between 1 and 5pm our side gate will be unlocked and visitors will be able to tour our garden for a donation to a couple of local charities – St Gemma’s Hospice and Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods.

We have been dodging rain showers, some torrential, to tidy the garden and remove all the trip hazards. Ours isn’t a manicured garden by any means, my description of it on the advertising blurb is:

“Inspired by Permaculture Design and a dog, this garden consists of part original garden, part disused tennis court and part disused bowling green. There are now about 30 trees, lots of fruit bushes and vegetables in a no dig garden, composting to grow soil, green manures, chickens and two ponds. Oh, and a friendly dog!”

Chapel Allerton Open Garden no. 12

Hops growing up south facing wall

The Inner Garden

Glass wand by Kev Trigg

Another glass wand

She’s not impressed!

The flower meadow

Another wand

And another

Pond 2

The Fruit Forest

Another view of the Fruit Forest

My favourite glass wand

The stained glass wands were made by Kev Trigg of Corvus Stained Glass and are available from the Glasshouse Gallery in Chapel Allerton