The summer raspberries are almost at an end, they have been very good this year. As each plant is cleared of it’s fruit I am cutting them out to make space for the new growth that will produce next year’s fruit. It will also give me a chance to repair and reinforce the supports for the canes and to add some new mulch to feed the plants. I may also add a few plants from elsewhere in the garden if they need topping up.

The loganberries are also coming to an end. The variety we are growing does not seem to like direct hot sun as the fruit looks as if it burns – it develops dry brown patches on the fruit. The leaves also die off very quickly. Better fruit is produced on the loganberries that are more shaded. The plants have produced more fruit than last year but are not as productive as the raspberries or blackcurrants.

The last of the red currants have been picked and Catherine made some fruit leather and cordial with them today. I also found a few more blackcurrants which went on our breakfast! Red and blackcurrants together look like beautiful jewels!