I haven’t posted much recently and certainly not about our hens. Sadly Beryl (the Bluebell) died a short while back. She seemed perfectly fine but one day she sat down and her head dropped to the floor. I saw her and picked her up, brought her into the warm but she died within half an hour. I understand that chickens try not to show illness as this highlights them to predators as easy pickings. We will have to consider what we do about replacing Beryl.

Sheila. our Light Sussex, continues to supply us with eggs on a regular basis thought the colour of the shell varies a huge amount. Just the other day we had a completely white egg followed the next day by a brown one!

Wendy (the Warren) has had a wheeze and a sneeze since last year and wasn’t laying. We have been trying to nurse her back to health and recently she has sounded a lot better and started laying mini eggs. Here are some next to one of Sheila’s eggs, you can see them getting larger.