Sadly we lost our remaining two hens. I forgot for once to close their outer door and they were taken in the night by a fox. I was woken in the night by noises but turned over and went back to sleep. It was very sad 8-(

We now have three warrens which we acquired from a relatively local breeder. Although all brown they do have their differences and now that I have watched them I can differentiate between them though I have also put coloured rings on two of them to help! They are Amber (the lightest and more yellow of the three), Ruby (the reddest) and Sapphire.

So far they have been amazing layers! They have each laid an egg a day, every day, all the way through December and January and are still laying! One of the girls is beginning to lay slightly later but there has been no other variation in their supply of beautiful eggs.

I am now looking forward to warmer days and introducing the girls to the compost heap.