Birch trees

Silver BirchWe have a number of birch trees in the garden. the first one we planted, along with a Rowan, was a weeping silver birch. This is a beautiful small tree which had it’s growing tip knocked off so it has grown lop sided in the inner garden. It hangs gracefully over a pergola I built over the path that leads into the outer garden and so we brush through it every time we move from one garden to the next. The sunlight through the leaves is beautiful and I love sitting next to it on sunny days.

In the outer garden we also have two superb specimens, one in the hedge and one in the wilder section of the garden. A nest box in the first of the two trees has been used by blue tits. Soon I hope to add some bat boxes higher up the trees.


  • great insect tree
  • young leaves are edible though we don’t take much advantage of this